search for Moishe Kleinerman
search for Moishe KleinermanZAKA

Dozens of ZAKA volunteers participated today in an extensive search operation for 16-year-old Moishe Kleinerman, who disappeared more than 100 days ago.

The volunteers concentrated the searches mainly in the area around the tomb of Rabbi SHimon Bar Yochai in Meron, which was where Moishe was last seen.

Dozens of volunteers scanned the area on foot and in SUVs, collected findings and made great efforts to search for any clues as to the missing boy's fate,

The searches were carried out in a pre-defined area cell by professionals with the participation of members of the Western Galilee Carmel Rescue Unit, who have been combing the area for a long time.

Haim Otmezgin, commander of the special units at the ZAKA said: "This morning we went out in Operation 'Eicha' with the participation of dozens of volunteers, including Yachal volunteers, officers from the he National Search and Rescue Unit, to try to bring the family a line of hope. During the search, the volunteers found things and items of clothing that were handed over to the police forces for further investigation. The ZAKA organization embraces Moishe's family, we will continue to make efforts and assist together with professionals, police forces and the army to bring Moishe home or bring information about his fate."

Haim Weingarten, Chief of the ZAKA operations, said: "The story of Moishe's disappearance touched the hearts of all the people of Israel. Today we focused on intensive field searches by ZAKA volunteers and many good citizens who came out with great dedication in the scorching heat and difficult terrain conditions, which made it difficult for the crews and made the task very complex. As long as we are needed, we will go out in such operations in a prayer that we will be blessed with news."