Shmuel Rubin
Shmuel Rubin Vaad HaRabbanim

HEARTBREAKING NEWS: Shmuel Rubin, teacher from Beitar and beloved father of eight children has tragically passed on at the young age of 58 after an intense and unexpected six-week month battle with liver cancer.

Shmuel’s wife Yenta had been fighting her own battle against cancer for years until Shmuel suddenly got sick, leaving Shmuel the sole caretaker and breadwinner of their large family.

No one ever expected Shmuel to be the first to go.

“We never had much in terms of money…,” shares their grieving son, Mordechai.

“But my parents always loved me, unconditionally, and in that way I always felt very lucky.”

After the anguish of losing his father, Mordechai spills his heart out to the public:

“...He wasn’t supposed to die. Not this way. He left us all alone in a scary world, hungry for his love, searching for comfort in a world gone dark. He left me the sole caretaker of my dying mother and my mourning siblings…. I am only nineteen. Old enough to understand how very alone and vulnerable we are, but too young to take financial responsibility on my own. I turn to you and beg: Please help me take care of my siblings and my sick mother. We are on the verge of falling apart.”