Joe Biden
Joe BidenWhite House spokesperson

A senior diplomat reveals tonight Tuesday that US President Joe Biden's visit will culminate on Thursday when a joint declaration by President Biden and Prime Minister Lapid will be signed under the title "Jerusalem Declaration."

According to the source, the declaration "is a confirmation of the unbreakable ties between the two countries and the United States' ongoing commitment to Israel's security."

He added that "President Biden has reiterated the United States' firm commitment to maintaining and strengthening Israel's capabilities to deter its enemies and to defend itself in the face of any threat or combination of threats."

The source added that "Biden's tenth visit to Israel and his first as president expresses a deep commitment on both sides. We have a clear and united position against Iran, its nuclear program and its aggression across the region that requires both countries to act through all elements of national force against the Iranian threat."

According to the source, Iran will be at the center of discussions between the parties. "Iran is at the forefront of Israel's national security risks. Iran continues to breach its commitments and continues to deceive the international community, things that have been published in recent weeks. As long as Tehran believes time is on its side, it will not give in and make no concessions. The time to reach an agreement is running out and it is important to apply pressure in order to leave a chance for the future."

"The Abraham Accords have a positive impact on Israel's relations with Egypt and Jordan, and are important for Israel's security and the security of the Middle East. Biden's direct flight from Israel to Saudi Arabia is part of a dynamic that has developed in recent months. We hope that the steps now taken are the beginning of the process of normalization between countries. Israel has been involved in a series of agreements with neighboring countries in the region," the source concluded.