The American Jewish Committee (AJC) released an Arabic-language video on Tuesday titled “What is Antisemitism” (“ma hiya mu’adat as-samiya?”) as part of its campaign to raise awareness in the Arab world about the “varied expressions and violent impact of Jew-hatred.”

The video is the eight episode of AJC’s Arabic language educational web series “An al-Yahud” (“About the Jews”) which was launched in 2020.

The video explains the history of antisemitism and its present day manifestations along with exploring the varied expressions of Jew-hatred in the Arab world, including adaptations of European antisemitic tropes and Jew-hatred masquerading as anti-Israel sentiment.

Viewers are also asked to take steps to better understand Judaism and Jews, and to use that knowledge to counter antisemitism whenever it appears.

“At AJC, we have always believed that if one religious, racial, or ethnic group is targeted because of its identity, then we are all at risk,” AJC CEO David Harris said. “That’s why we have always stood up against attacks on other communities and, as antisemitism, explained in this video, rises around the world, we look to more and more of our brothers and sisters of other faiths, including Muslims, to stand with us.”

AJC noted that the ’An al-Yahud series has been viewed by tens of millions of Arabic speakers, including audiences in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates.

The previous seven videos focused on the origins and beliefs of the Jewish people; the history of Muslim-Jewish relations; the Holocaust; Jewish ties to Jerusalem; the antisemitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion; Israel’s remarkable diversity; and a profile of American Jews.

“‘An al-Yahud builds on AJC’s extensive, longstanding engagement with the Arab and Muslim worlds,” AJC said.