Netanyahu Yosla Bergman

Two days before US President Biden arrives in Israel, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to bring full peace agreements with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries if he wins the election for the 25th Knesset this fall and forms a government.

Netanyahu said: "I would like to express my appreciation to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, for his contribution to the achievement of the four historic peace agreements we have brought - the 'Abraham Accords.'"

"If I return to lead the State of Israel on your behalf, I intend to bring about full peace agreements with Saudi Arabia and also with other Arab countries," Netanyahu added.

The former prime minister also referred to the decision of the Blue and White and New Hope parties to run together and said, "We in the Likud do not interfere in how the left divides its votes. Gideon and Gantz's party only sharpens the question in the upcoming elections - Will Yair Lapid's left-wing government with the Muslim Brotherhood and the joint list be re-established, or will you vote for the Likud under my leadership and together we will form a national government that will restore security and hope to all Israeli citizens?"