“He was healthy, nothing was wrong,” starts Hillel Kahana, in a powerful new video. “Suddenly we saw in the middle of the night that - he was blue.”

This was the terrifying experience that the Kahanas had with their 7-month-old child, Chananya. Hillel goes on to describe the most terrifying night of his life:

As explained by Hillel in the above video, doctors are urging the Kahanas to fly to America, where Chananya can receive surgery to save his life. With this surgery, he could breathe normally again and have a chance at a healthy and safe childhood. The Kahanas, however, have no income currently as Chananya needs constant supervision.

Without the surgery, the Kahanas cannot even bear to think what could happen to their beloved son. “The fear and the pain in the hearts of a mother and father in those moments … What will be?”

Donations are being collected to help save Chananya’s life.