Hagi El-Ad
Hagi El-AdAmmar Awad, Reuters

B'Tzelem CEO Hagi El-Ad has flown to Ireland to persuade the Irsih parliament to declare Israel an 'Apartheid' state.

The Irish Times reports that as met with Irish Minister Joe O'Brien and demanded that Ireland follow in the footsteps of the Catalan parliament and declare Israel a country that commits Apartheid crimes.

During the meetings, the B'Tselem CEO presented reports against the State of Israel issued by organizations such as B'Tselem, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the UN Human Rights Council.

El-Ad also accused the Israeli government of cynically exploiting the spread of antisemitism in the West to shut down criticism of the Jewish State.

B'Tzalmo CEO Shai Glick said in response: "Once again, it is proven that organizations within Israel are working to harm and boycott the State of Israel. I call on the Finance Minister to apply the boycott law against both B'Tselem and Amnesty International, which work day and night to discredit Israel and cause it to be boycotted. It cannot be that organizations harm us again and we do not harm them financially in response."