Ariel Sender
Ariel SenderIsrael National News

Israel can expect President Joe Biden to demand major concessions from Israel during his visit to the Middle East this week, a senior Republican Party official in Israel said, warning that Biden’s demands could be even greater than those made by Barack Obama.

Ariel Sender, director of the Republican Party’s overseas offices in Israel, spoke with Israel National News ahead of Biden’s visit to Israel.

“We need to understand that we are not the reason for Biden’s visit. We are an excuse. Biden needs to score points, and he thinks Israel is the best place for him to get some points, using the Abraham Accords which he had absolutely no part in.

“We are the donkey he needs to ride on his way to Saudi Arabia; that’s where his biggest problems lie, and there he will need much more substantive solutions.”

Sender claimed that Biden will push a list of demands that are even more progressive than those of President Obama in order to placate his voter base ahead of the midterm elections, noting the leftward shift in the Democratic base since Obama left office.

“Biden is in an almost impossible situation. With all of his love for Israel, his Democratic base is very radical, and won’t let him be positive towards Israel.”

Sender noted Biden’s declining poll numbers and projections of a major Republican win in the upcoming midterms.

“We’re looking at the polls and seeing the Democratic candidates getting wiped out, and we see Biden’s position. I don’t know of a president who went into the midterms with less than a 40% approval rating.

“And against Trump, who isn’t running – Trump beats [Biden] in these polls. The economy is collapsing, inflation and unemployment and gas prices are rising, leading to a catastrophe.”

Despite the Democratic Party’s current woes, a majority of Jewish voters still back the Democratic Party, which Sender described as inexplicable.

Nevertheless, Republicans have made inroads with Jews lately, in particular among middle-aged voters, Sender pointed out.

Orthodox Jewish communities, he added, are increasingly longing for a return of the Trump years, and will vote en masse for Trump should he run in the next presidential election.