Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa announced that he will resign after protesters stormed his palace and set the prime minister's house on fire.

BBC reported that prime minister and the president were not in the buildings.

Thousands gathered at the capital for a giant protest during which the called on the president to resign following what they defined as "mismanagement of the economic crisis".

According to the report, the president will step down on 13 July and the prime minister as well has agreed to resign.

Israel's Foreign Ministry published a warning and recommend that Israeli citizens refrain from arriving in the capital of Sri Lanka.

"For those in Colombo", the ministry announced, "please obey the security forces and the local instructions and stay away from the protest areas in the city".

"Israeli citizens who will be flying to Sri Lanka are advised not to make non-essential trips to Colombo until the situation clears up and the stability and calm return to the Sri Lankan capital".