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An Israeli restaurant in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles had its door vandalized with a swastika in late June.

According to owner Tal Zaiet, his security camera caught the vandal outside Mazal restaurant, and he later discovered a swastika carved into his security gate, NBC Los Angeles reported.

Zaiet told the news outlet that he was also attacked in online restaurant reviews.

He said he was accused of “cultural misappropriation,” of being “anti-Muslim,” and another reviewer claimed his menu was linked to “apartheid.”

He explained that his restaurant’s logo is inspired by his mother’s Moroccan Jewish background, calling it “a sign of two cultures coming together.”

Over 1,000 people posted support messages on social media.

"It's like, this is still something that we have to deal with in 2022," said Zaiet. "It's been truly heartwarming and genuinely overwhelming.”