Nachala Movement in action
Nachala Movement in actionNachala Movement

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Approximately two weeks ago, the Nahala movement hosted a nationwide slate of public information events on the subject of establishing new communities in Israel.

The movement claims that over 20 new villages have been founded since then I can, with each group consisting of many dozens of families who want to move to sites selected for the villages to be established. The movement has run hundreds of parlor meetings and discussion groups throughout Israel to raise awareness, and established hundreds of activist centers, logistics teams, and an activist headquarters that operates day and night to support the hopeful founders-to-be.

Over a thousand activists have joined the movement and are constantly involved in generating support and supportive public awareness, hoping to give the government the public support needed to legitimize the new villages.

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Many Judea and Samaria local and regional councils are participating in this initiative, as well as other nonprofit organizations.

“The Jewish People is a healthy nation,” says Nachala chairperson Daniella Weiss, who is a former secretary general of Gush Emunim. “Since we launched this initiative a few weeks ago we have encountered an unprecedented warm reception. The public understands the importance and value of establishing new settlements and supports this pioneering and Zionistic progress that will raise the nation’s spirit as we continue to fulfill the Zionist vision.”

“The awakening of the public all over the country in recent months,” Weiss added, “reminds me of the tremendous enthusiasm during the heyday of Gush Emunim. I mentioned to Rabbi Yossi Artziel and my husband Amnon, that back then we held 100-150 parlor meetings, and now we have surpassed that number. With God’s help, and with a lot of hard work, we are getting close to overturning the years-long building freeze, and are gaining momentum for widespread settlement throughout Judea and Samaria.”

“We are witnessing a public awakening everywhere, on an exceptional scale,” says Lital Slonim, head of Nachala’s Advocacy and Foreign Relations Department. “The Jewish People is very determined to make this initiative a reality, and to lead the State of Israel to policy change and the construction of new settlements all over Judea and Samaria.”

"The Arab takeover of Israeli state lands is evident everywhere, and Nachala recognized the need and the critical period currently facing Israel. The movement is tirelessly working on all fronts to effect a policy change and to establish new settlements throughout Judea and Samaria."

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