Uriel Busso
Uriel BussoArutz Sheva

Shas MK Uriel Busso has proposed a possible solution for the rise in housing prices in Israel - at least for those renting.

According to Busso, the State and Israeli society cannot allow the cost of housing to remain as is, nor can it allow the cost of rent to remain high.

"A the end these things are also the power of the market," Busso told Kol Hai Radio. "The main problem is that they did not prepare any organized plan on the level of war."

Busso also blamed the outgoing government for ignoring the weaker sectors of society.

"They do not understand that the issue of housing is a real war, because it affects everything else," he said. "There are places in the world where there is a concept of the Housing Ministry intervening by means of supervision."

"In this interim government they will not do anything, because you have to put your hand into your pocket. These things are long-term plans. When you decide that you are building enormous sites for renting, that will bring down the price. It is possible to supervise the cost of rentals. We need a real work plan."

Busso also suggested that the haredi sector set up its own supervision: "We can also make supervision by means of the boards of rabbis - that rabbis should organize themselves and call for people not to charge more than x amount of money for rentals."