Green Without Borders outpost exposed
Green Without Borders outpost exposedIDF Spokesman

Yesterday, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan sent an urgent letter to the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General demanding immediate action against Hezbollah positions recently established near the northern border of Israel that serve as cover for terrorist activities. Hezbollah has placed transport containers along the border that are used by the fabricated environmental organization “Green Without Borders” for the purpose of monitoring Israel Defense Forces soldiers and Israeli life in the area. With the assistance of the IDF, a number of photos were attached to the letter, proving the presence of the transportation containers in the area, a short distance from the Blue Line, and the surveillance activities of terrorist operatives.

The letter was sent as Hezbollah continues to intensify its terrorist activity on the northern border in the area under the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) mandate, which violates Security Council Resolution 1701, adopted after the Second Lebanon War.

In the letter, Ambassador Erdan wrote, “Under the guise of the so-called “Green Without Borders” environmental organization, Hezbollah is expanding its terror footprints on a daily basis, just mere meters from Israel’s northern border, and from within UNIFIL's area of operations…Hezbollah’s aforementioned military infrastructures serve as observation posts used to track both Israeli troop movements and Israeli civilian life on the other side of the Blue Line. Beyond being employed for reconnaissance efforts, these outposts may serve Hezbollah in other ways, such as serving as arms depots; to conceal the construction or existence of attack tunnel entrances; as troop rally points and more. These are military outposts for all intents and purposes, established and maintained by Hezbollah terrorists, and not innocent Lebanese environmentalists.”

Ambassador Erdan also wrote, “Israel continues to stress that the responsibility for Hezbollah’s expansion lies squarely on the shoulders of the Lebanese authorities, and expects the Lebanese government to take immediate action to curb Hezbollah’s advancements and military buildup.