Yitzhak Dahan
Yitzhak DahanKan News

The terrorist who stabbed a 47-year-old haredi man in Givat Shmuel yesterday has been arrested in a joint operation by the IDF and the Shabak. The terrorist was transferred to the Shabak for questioning.

Yitzhak Dahan, who lives in Bnei Brak, 47, was attacked at 5:30 am Tuesday morning on his way to the yeshiva where he teaches.

"I went down to Givat Shmuel every morning for 15 years. I saw someone looking at me. He reached for my bag and I thought he was holding something so I walked away from him. He came after me and after two seconds I got hit in the head. I grabbed my head and stopped the bleeding," Dahan told Kan News.

Dahan noted that after the attack a passerby who called Magen David Adom told him that the attacker told him to call for help. "After a while, I learned that the one who was called was [the stabber] himself saying - 'There is a wounded Jew there, go help him.'"

Dahan was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and today his condition has stabilized. The details of the investigation are subject to a restraining order.