Rabbi David Floyd Nesenoff is an American rabbi, independent filmmaker, singer/songwriter of contemporary Jewish music, and blogger. His short films have been shown at various festivals including Sundance and the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. He has directed a full-length movie and was a principal in a film production company.

He gained national attention in June 2010 when he posted a video he had made of opinion columnist Helen Thomas making controversial statements about Israel on his website. Over the next several days, the video went viral, Thomas resigned her job over this, and Nesenoff received what he initially said were over 25,000 pieces of hate mail, including several death threats.

Nesenoff has been interviewed and quoted in The New York Times, written a column published in The Washington Post, and appeared on Fox News and CNN's Reliable Sources program.

Since then David has spoken to more than 700 Jewish communities around the world trying to bring a message of unity and inspiration using the teachings of the Rebbe.

David focused on the words "B'nei Israel", as to how the Jews identify themselves, and that we are not just friends of Israel, we are the children of Israel and the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish nation.

David who was previously a Conservative Rabbi became close to Chabad and so left the Conservative movement and became a "soldier" of Chabad.

David Nesenoff now owns and operates Tikvah Lake Recovery, a luxury drug rehab center in Florida. Tikvah Lake Recovery is a 6-bed facility that offers only one-on-one treatment catering to those with substance abuse, alcohol abuse and mental health disorderץ

Don't miss this great Real Talk I had with David as he came to Israel to visit and see for himself all the great Jewish causes he and his wife sponsor here in the Holy land.