search for missing child Moishe Kleinerman
search for missing child Moishe Kleinermanדוברות יכ"ל

Police on Monday released the man who was arrested about a week ago on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of Moishe Kleinerman 100 days ago. In a police statement issued with the arrest, a sweeping restraining order was imposed on the details of the suspect and the reason why he was arrested.

Moishe Kleinerman's parents, Giti and Shmuel, commented on the release of the detainee and said: "We expect and demand that the police continue to work for the return of our son home and act using all the professional tools available to them for that purpose."

"For 100 days Moishe has not been home and unfortunately there is still no significant thread which could lead to good news. Today we asked the Minister of Defense to do everything in his power to assist the police and allow the relevant units to act to find him. We thank the people of Israel and the media who support us in these days and wish that they continue to pray with us for the return home of our dear son," the worried parents added.

Earlier, the parents sent a message to Defense Minister Benny Gantz asking for his assistance in locating their son 100 days after he went missing.

"We turned to the police to help us locate him, and we, for our part, are making efforts on the subject. So far all attempts to locate him have been in vain. It is impossible to describe our suffering and grief, our fear for his life every second. We have already experienced 100 days of endless tension and questions, with one big question that cruelly bites at us every moment," the parents wrote.

They added, "The police have been involved in the matter for three and a half months, and for some reason we have not seen any significant development, and there is no end in sight. This is a concern for the life of a minor, an Israeli citizen, and every moment counts. We turn to you as a last resort. You are a father, and you can understand at least a little bit what we as parents are going through, the daily worthy which threatens to drive us crazy. This uncertainty is harming our ability to function normally at home, to take care of our other seven children, at work, and at school."