Ayoub Kara
Ayoub Karaצילום: ערוץ 7

Former Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud) spoke with Israel National News Monday, predicting a lopsided victory for the Netanyahu bloc in this fall’s Knesset election.

“I am coming back with the Likud, and this time we are going to crush the Left with all our strength, we will dominate the government and the justice system in Israel. We will bring strength to IDF soldiers and police officers.”

“And by ‘crush the Left’ I mean we will really be governing again, not just be in the government. We want Israeli citizens who believe in the state to feel good, and all of Israel’s enemies to know that Israel is the state of the Jewish people forever and ever,” the Druze Knesset Member said.

“This current government would, if it could, do things far worse than the [2005 Gaza] expulsion.”

Kara predicted that the New Hope party “won’t pass the electoral threshold, and those votes will end up going back to the Right. Bennett’s votes will go to the Likud, and I believe that we will build a government, then other parties upon whom we will be less dependent will join.”