Idit Silman
Idit SilmanYonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Idit Silman (Yamina) has slammed Health Minister Nitzan Horowiz (Meretz) for being "disconnected" from the healthcare system.

Silman, who chairs the Knesset's Health Committee, said, "There is a very great disconnect here. He was not [present] in a single discussion connected to violence towards medical staff. This is his system, these are his people who are standing on the front lines."

"Just like you cannot bring hametz (leavened products) into hospitals on Passover, and that is an extensive instruction by a minister, because in hospitals there are things we do to respect each other - so, too, we cannot allow the violent events to take place within hospitals. We needed to have stopped the entire country and thought about what to do.

"It is unthinkable that every two days we should be hearing about such events. It repeats itself over and over again.

The first customers of the Health Minister are the medical staff - the doctors, the nurses, the cleaning staff, and the others. Can we not make security guards in hospitals a position that offers preferential benefits? We have no lack of released soldiers. Why did the government prevent the legislation of hospital security as a preferred position?"