Shlomo Karhi
Shlomo KarhiArutz Sheva

MK Shlomo Karhi (Likud) has said that if his party rises to power, it is likely to replace the current Attorney General, Gali Baharav-Miara.

"For an entire year, this government has done whatever it wants, made political appointments, broken the law, offered bribes to [Ghaida Rinawie-]Zoabi (Meretz) and the Joint Arab List every week, and made promises of positions. Where are the attorneys general?" Karhi asked 103 FM Radio.

He added: "This is not a threat, no one is threatening. We are not threatening anyone, we have been saying this for an entire year already."

"The Attorney General is an official appointed by [Justice Minister Gideon] Sa'ar (New Hope)," he added.

"My default is that people who were appointed by those who excommunicated us, excommunicated half of the nation, act with political corruption and who do everything they feel like doing in the past year - and no legal barrier has been announced. This is governance."