Moishe Kleinerman
Moishe KleinermanCourtesy of the family

The mother of an Israeli haredi teen missing for 100 days said she believes her son has been kidnapped, a day after she lamented that authorities do not seem to be taking the case seriously.

Gitti Kleinerman, mother of 16-year-old Moishe Kleinerman, spoke with Reshet Bet Monday morning, about the disappearance of her son and the lack of any clear leads, despite reports of progress in the investigation.

“It has been 100 days and we don’t have any leads,” Kleinerman said. “I am so worried I cannot even describe it.”

When asked whether any progress was made towards locating Moishe, Mrs. Kleinerman said no breakthrough had been made.

“There was some development in the investigation, but nothing more than that. There haven’t been any major developments to build upon, unfortunately. We just need to keep praying.”

Kleinerman said she had no additional information regarding the investigation than what is already known to the public, despite a gag order imposed late last month.

“The ‘development’ means the arrest of a suspect. Everyone knows about that, there’s nothing new. It isn’t a secret.”

“I believe he was kidnapped. Someone grabbed him and did something to him. Otherwise there is no reason why a 16-year-old boy would just disappear.”

On Sunday, Judea and Samaria police district commander Uzi Levy visited the Kleinermans to update them regarding the ongoing investigation.

Shortly afterwards, Gitti Kleinerman told reporters that it does not appear that police are taking the case seriously.

“Today, for the first time, senior district police commanders came to visit to speak with us, but unfortunately we still are in a situation where we have nothing, just nothing.”

“I do not believe that the police have done everything they could here. It doesn’t make sense. I demand that the chief of police do everything possible. This is Israel, isn’t it? This is all it is capable of?”