Shaked and Sa'ar
Shaked and Sa'arצילום: אוליבר פיטוסי, פלאש 90

Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar (New Hope) on Monday morning said that voting for Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and the Yamina party means supporting a Likud-led coalition.

"Anyone who votes for Ayelet Shaked knows that she will go with [MK Benjamin] Netanyahu," Sa'ar told Galei Zahal. "Even before the Knesset dissolved, she tried to form a government headed by him. This is an incorrect opinion, in my opinion, but it is legitimate."

In a tweet, Shaked responded, "Gideon, if you are blaming me for the fact that I turned over the world to prevent elections - I admit guilt. I always act responsibly towards my country. This is the rule: In any situation, with the 'cards' we have, I will do what is best for the country. I only have one question: Why did you hold negotiations with Netanyahu's men for several weeks, if this bothers you so much?"

Sa'ar responded: "Mrs. Shaked, I withstood the test that no politician has withstood. You know well, as the one who worked to persuade me, that I refused to an offer by the Netanyahu bloc about one year ago to serve as the first prime minister in a rotation. Everything - in order to form the government you are sitting in. And now as well I received tempting offers - and I refused."

'Is there a single person who believes that you would have withstood this test?"