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2022 has been shaping up as a very miserable year with raging inflation in the USA and the Russia-Ukraine War dragging on. The gender-blurring pro-LGBTQ+WOKE environmentalists running the White House are responsible for the cut-backs in oil drilling and exploration in America that has brought it from being oil self-sufficient under the Trump Administration that allowed unlimited fracking, drilling, pumping, oil exploration and the laying of massive pipelines all of which were stopped by the leftist pro-abortion Biden ANTIFA anarchists. That, in turn, ruined the American economy with high fuel prices pushing up the cost of living and sky-rocketing inflation leading to a recession cum depression.

It seemed like the leftist Democrats were riding on an ego trip wave of bravado expecting to mow down every conservative right leaning cause in America, much like the statues of American presidents and heroes which their backers have toppled all over the USA. The Democrats in-your-face smugness is nauseating to say the least, as they get their free peanut-gallery support in the massive liberal media.

But then suddenly out of the blue like a sudden surprise lightning strike, on June 24th 2022, a majority of five of the United States Supreme Court Justices overturned the notorious Roe v. Wade ending the Federally mandated right to abortion that was upheld for five decades since 1973, (Note: Sixteen states still have state laws protecting the right to abortion after Roe v. Wade was overturned and made the purview of the states).

Who are these people who are coming here to tell Americans that unborn babies also have basic human rights to life and limb? They are the current six-person conservative majority on the United States' Supreme Court , who are Associate Justices Clarence Thomas (b. 1948); Samuel A. Alito (b. 1950); Neil M. Gorsuch (b. 1967); Brett M. Kavanaugh (b. 1965); Amy Coney Barrett (b. 1972); Chief Justice John G. Roberts (b. 1955).

These six brave conservative judges have been subjected to unprecedented harassment and bombardment of all sorts of protests at their homes and at the location of the Supreme Court itself, That has led to having steel barricades built around the court as protection from wild mobs determined to do by violence what the American political system has created by the rightful process, the results of the democratic working of the three branches of the federal US government consisting of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government within the constitutionally defined separation of powers of each of these three.

No wonder the Democrats have been going nuts and "crying foul" and scheming to upend this legitimate system when it does not do their bidding by pursuing plans to pack the court with more than nine justices so that their liberal agenda can get its way as the anti-democratic Democrat FDR had tried in 1937!

For now the Democrats are faced with so many problems, including the downward-spiralling out-of-control unpopularity of the Biden-Harris duo who are surrounded by a collapsing American economy and an unending war in Europe with an intractable Russia led by the wily strongman Putin, and a midterm election year looming. That means they cannot pursue their court-packing scheme for the foreseeable future.

In this foggy and dangerous leftward-tilting toxic political atmosphere, the Supreme Court's six conservative justices have seized the moment to flex their judicial muscles and assert their moral leadership within an amoral and immoral societal and national vacuum. They struck clearly and firmly pulling America towards a more centrist path away from the leftward political brinkmanship practiced by the Democrats.

A sign that the conservative justices are on the right path was that, within four days of the latest ruling, in far off Israel, the then standing Bennett-Lapid leftist government's health minister, a member of the radical left Meretz Party, approved more lenient abortion procedures for Israelis as a sign of "protest" against the 5 to 4 ruling of the US Supreme Court

(Note: Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the majority to uphold [the Mississippi] abortion restrictions and he did not support the tossing out of Roe completely, but he still remains as one of the six conservative justices on the highest court).

It was a kind of childish oppositional behavior counter tantrum motion of monkey see-monkey do, because why in heaven's name should Israel be involved in America's internal political issues when they have so much to worry about on their own doorstep? Is it now also an in thing to kill unborn Jews as well in Israel? A sad subject that needs to be explored and stopped in and of itself.

Classical Judaism teaches that a society must be bound by moral laws AS DEFINED BY THE TORAH and not as defined by any current trendy fads of do-goodism or as is now so popular with gay rights and switching of gender rights, one of the most bizarre things to afflict the world, that men should want to be women and women desire to be men. Worse yet, they are pushing this agenda on children and educational institutions saying that little boys should be encouraged to be little girls if they so wish and that little girls can call themselves boys and go to the boys' bathroom. That is not "morality" it is plain and simple immorality. The Torah also clearly twice calls the homosexual act an abomination (Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13) The mixing up of genders flies in the face of the order in which God Himself set up the world at Creation: "Male and Female He created them". See Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:22-24.

It is into this macabre genre of sickening issues beloved by the left that allowing inlimited abortion on demand is part of the causes so dear to the leftists as they see a woman's right to an abortion on demand as equal as to being allowed any democratic privilege and as freely as breathing air. But along come the guardian angels of morality in America to tell them that they are dead wrong! That, no, there is a higher moral code and standard and that there is something called the sanctity of life that a human being is entitled to from the moment they are formed in their mothers' wombs.

In serious Judaism it is only serious Poskim, meaning great scholarly rabbis who are Halakhic (Jewish Law) decisors in consultation with top medical opinion and taking into account the health and threats to the life of an expectant mother, as well as determining at what stage the pregnancy is at, who can decide if and when an abortion is permitted or not. There is definitely no such thing as abortion on demand or flushing down the toilet or garbage can of an unborn fetus/child.

This notion seems alien to a secular modern person who has been brainwashed by TV, movies, novels, magazines, their leftist-leaning teachers, the X-rated part of the internet and other popular media into thinking that they can indulge in wanton and random sexual relations, letting women become pregnant and then running to get abortions because they don't want to carry the burden of the pregnancies from their amorous sex exploits in real time and in real life and to add insult to injury and call it a "new morality" when it is the complete opposite

The secular, Conservative and Reform Movements are pro-abortion, and they have had and still have their representatives on the US Supreme Court itself to this very day. It is very sad to see these so-called "Jews-for-nothing", the ones who should be aware of and upholding the Torah's form of morality doing the exact opposite and justifying it by proclaiming a sort of "holier-than-thou-moral-high-ground" secular liberal humanism that allows otherwise healthy unborn Jewish and non-Jewish babies to be flushed out of expectant mothers' wombs and then literally flushed down the toilets of abortion clinics.

Well, thank God for the gentile six conservative justices on the US Supreme Court who have the moral vision, clarity and fortitude, the plain guts to call a spade a spade, that abortion is close to to if not an outright form of murder and must be held back and stopped. Hopefully they will do for the other crazy issues what they have now done to stop the addictive abortionist kick.

As for Orthodox Judaism: "Most of Orthodox Judaism opposes most abortion, considering it a form of murder. In general, however, it allows abortion when the pregnancy endangers the women's life." (Wikipedia). This then is the realm of morality as viewed and practiced according to the Torah. But, like in everything else, there is another kind of oppositional "morality" that is actuality immorality that hides itself in the guise of a "morality" like a wolf in sheep's clothing that Jewish tradition refers to as the "laws of Sodom" ("hilchot" Sedom) that turns what is normal on its head and declares what is perverse to be "right" and that doing the right thing deserves to be punished. In other words, the world of evil.

For example, the "judges" in ancient Sodom, that was destroyed by God for its wickedness, would severely punish anyone for hosting strangers in town or offering them any comfort or lodgings. They would deliberately place a tall guest in a small bed and cut off his legs to "fit" the bed and a small guest they would place in a larger bed and "stretch" his body to fit the bed. It's a warped mentality out there in the world but it exists, especially if it casts off the solid moral mooring of what is known even to non-Jews as the so-called Judeo-Christian heritage.

The current six guardian angels of the US government's judicial branch have a clear moral vision rooted in the classical Judeo-Christian heritage that is one of the two pillars of Western Civilization -- The other being the Greco-Roman world. The ultra-Democrat, WOKE, pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ+, ANTIFA, environmentalist, Marxists and anarchists wish to destroy both pillars of the Western World that would have dangerous and disastrous consequences for humanity.

May God protect and bless the six guardian angels of the US Supreme Court: Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito, Neil M. Gorsuch, Brett M. Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, John G. Roberts with good health, happiness and long life and may they continue to serve as the sword and shield of all that is the best in classical morality rooted in the Torah.

Rabbi Yitschak Rudomin is president and founder of the Jewish Professionals Institute. An alumnus of Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin and Teachers College-Columbia University, he has dedicated his life to Jewish outreach and education, served for 7 years as full-time director of Sinai Heritage Centers in Manhattan and 3 as an AJOP trustee, among many other endeavors. [email protected]