Matan Kahana
Matan Kahana Avshalom Sassoni‎‏/Flash90

Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana (Yamina), who is seeking to switch parties ahead of the next elections, is not likely to receive a spot in Yesh Atid, Israel Hayom responded.

According to the report, Yesh Atid does not intend to expand or change its list, with only two exceptions: Former IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot joining them, or a decision by Gadeer Kamal-Mreeh to return to the party.

Eizenkot has not yet made a final decision and is still weighing his options. Kamal-Mreeh began her political career in the Israel Resilience party, and later moved to Yesh Atid. For personal reasons, she chose not to run in the last elections, and instead served as a Jewish Agency emissary in Washington.

Lapid and the rest of his party have a good relationship, and he has no intention of dramatically changing his party list for the coming elections.

Kahana, meanwhile, aims to be in the top five spots of one of the parties - but in Yesh Atid, that does not seem to be an option.

On Sunday, Kahana declared that he does not intend to leave Yamina, but the option to join Blue and White is still on the table.