Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin Kobi Richter/TPS

Former Likud MK and founder of the Zehut party Moshe Feiglin will run in the upcoming Likud party primaries, Feiglin announced Sunday.

In a press release issued Sunday afternoon, the former lawmaker and longtime activist launched his primary campaign, and called on supporters to back the Likud in the coming elections.

“The Likud is the largest leadership party for the Jewish majority in Israel,” Feiglin said. “A year ago, when the greatest election theft in Israel’s history occurred, the Jewish majority lost Israel as a Jewish state, an in its place a government of all the country’s citizens was established, turning Israel, in practice, into a state of all its Arabs, sending the country into a deep crisis in every area: security, mixed cities, civil liberties, the cost of living, proper leadership and stable government.”

“When the proportions of the disaster became apparent, I decided that the time has come to unite in this difficult hour and to rejoin the Likud and to strengthen the Jewish majority and to bring back our Jewish state.”

“For many years already I have fought on behalf of Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, struggling against the Supreme Court and the far-left, fighting for Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, and I promise to all Likud voters that I will never abandon these struggles.”

Last summer, Feiglin announced his return to the Likud party, after abandoning his libertarian Zehut party, which failed to cross the minimum threshold in the April 2019 election.

He later explained his decision to rejoin the party he left in 2014, assailing the Bennett-Lapid government and accusing the coalition of ‘stealing’ the election and defrauding voters, while undermining Israel as a Jewish state.

“There was a putsch Israel against the Jewish majority. This is what we saw. Three years of ridiculous charges [against Netanyahu], then at the end came Bennett and basically stole seven mandates and gave them to the Left and the Arab and democracy became nothing.”