Muslim Brotherhood supporters hold pro-Palestinian demonstration in Amman
Muslim Brotherhood supporters hold pro-Palestinian demonstration in AmmanReuters

Israeli leaders largely operate under the illusion that if only Israel were able to avert every Palestinian Arab civilian casualty, rein in all hilltop youths and silence all raving rightwing Zionists, the world would acknowledge that the greatest and most heartfelt desire of Israelis is to live in peace and let its neighbors enjoy peace and freedom.

Amid mounting evidence that this is not so; amid episode after episode that proves that the world’s media and academic elites subject Israel to a perpetual kangaroo court, despondency sets in: “The Goyim are all against us.” “The world hates us for no reason.” “Oy vey!” These and other expressions of gloom and frustration are routinely repeated by millions of Jews around the world.

Yet few people realize how un-Jewish these utterances are. Sure, the world is unjust, petty and cruel to the Jewish people, but since when is it the Jewish way to face fate with resignation?! The challenge and opportunity for Israel is to see the vast vistas that global bad faith opens for the Jewish state.

Projecting Jewish standards of justice and rationality on the world, Israel assumes that any action that infringes international law infuriates the world even more. The opposite is true! Billions of people already view Israel as a terrorist, racist and genocidal state. It is thus not surprising that any Israeli concession to morality fuels further spite and pettiness: Would you view a terrorist, racist and genocidal state sympathetically if it chose to provide healthcare to its enemies? You, like most people, would assume that this is just another cynical and manipulative ploy to hoodwink the world!

Much of the world has been raised in cultures where for millennia Jews have been viewed as the embodiment of cunning and treachery. Therefore, Israeli morality fuels rather than placating global rage and indignation against Zionism and the Jewish people.

For this reason, Israel has nothing to lose and much to gain by declaring an all-out war on her enemies. For goodness sake Israel, don’t just eliminate Hamas head Yahya Sinwar! Make sure that every single Hamas rally in Gaza and the 'West Bank' gets obliterated!! If the usual suspects then condemn you, don’t worry: Are they going to call you nasty names they haven’t in any case already called you before?!?!

In fact, what bothers most so-called peace and human rights activists is not that Israel is not moral enough. These intellectual impostors can’t stand the opposite fact: Namely, that the Jewish State is more moral than the societies they come from and the societies which they idealize.

Morality is also the reason many Arabs viciously hate the Jewish State. The very fact that if they were in Israel’s position and had access to Israel’s military means they would mercilessly destroy all enemies, while Israel scrutinizes the behavior of every single IDF soldier drives them crazy: It either proves that Israel is fundamentally holier and godlier or that Israel is demonical and duplicitous. Be honest, if you were an average Egyptian or Palestinian Arab what would you want to believe?

The time for Jewish grief and groans at the sight of global unfairness needs to end. The world does not resent Israel for being immoral, but for being more moral than any other nation would be in Israel’s shoes. From a Realpolitik perspective it is clear that from now on Israel should sate her critics’ appetite for blood.

From a Zionist perspective, the paradigm laid out here does not settle the issue: If Israel is to be a nation just like any other nation, as some early Zionists professed, massive brutality would certainly be an advisable course of action. But if Israel is to be loyal to her holy Jewish calling of justice and compassion and serve as a light unto the nations, then Israel needs to stay true to her values.

Understanding the way the world works, does nevertheless make a big difference for Zionism. Whereas a shrinking, yet perpetually influential coterie of Israeli policy-makers insists that Israel owes the international community sterling standards of morality, it is becoming increasingly clear that Israel only owes these standards to God, her ancestors and herself.

Rafael Castro is a Noahide Italian-Colombian political analyst with degrees from Yale and Hebrew University. Rafael can be reached at [email protected]