Kletzky צילום: vaad harabbanim

It was a friday morning and Rabbi Tzvi Braverman was busy helping his wife prepare for Shabbat when suddenly, he heard a scream coming from the upstairs neighbor's apartment. He could just make out the raspy voice of his dear friend, Rabbi Kletzky, crying out for help.

Rabbi Kletzky had pneumonia for months and was only released from the hospital several weeks prior. He had been very weak and his lungs still barely worked. Rabbi Braverman raced upstairs and banged the door open, imaging the worst…

But what he saw surprised him.

Rabbi Kletzky was standing with his face buried in a siddur, tears streaming down his face. He wasn't in medical trouble-- He was pouring his heart out to G-d. His prayer was so genuine, and so piercing, that it sounded like he was speaking to an actual person. When Rabbi Kletzky saw Rabbi Braverman standing in the doorway, he quickly finished up his prayer and sheepishly explained: After becoming sick, money had become scarce. Now his daughter was engaged, and he had no way to help her with the very basics she needed to start married life. He was completely stuck.

Rabbi Braverman has embarked on a passionate mission to help out his neighbor and friend who is helpless in his unique situation. He has filmed a powerful video where he urges readers to help the Kletzkys out: