Proud to be American?
Proud to be American?iStock

US citizens from across the country answered a Fox News survey published ahead of the Fourth of July.

According to the survey, which was published Thursday, less than 40% of registered voters are proud of their country, with a majority of respondents on both sides of the aisle feeling dissatisfied. Just 39% answered "yes" when asked if they were proud of the country today.

The responses represent a twelve-point drop from a similar survey in 2017, and a thirty-point drop from 2011, Fox News noted.

Nearly 60% (56%) said they aren't proud of the country, up from 45% in 2017 and 28% in 2011, the site added.

Divided by political party, 46% of Democrats said they are proud of their country, while 48% said they are not. Among Republicans, 36% said they are proud, versus 60% who said they are not proud of their country. Independents are even less likely to be proud of America: Just 29% said they were proud, while 64% said they are not proud of the country.

Divided by gender, 41% of men said they were proud of America, versus 36% of women. Meanwhile, 45% percent of Black voters said they were proud of America, along with 35% of Hispanic voters.

The poll was conducted on June 10-13 by the Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R), and included interviews with 1,002 registered voters who were randomly selected from a national voter file. It has an error margin of three percentage points.