Lee  Zeldin and Cindy Grosz
Lee Zeldin and Cindy GroszCourtesy

In a year of increasing anti-Semitism, an administration in Washington DC that stands against Israel and a country where power is in the hands of a 32- year-old social media image of a fake past, red lipstick and a victim of “extreme traumatizing” like many in her generation of entitled adults, is the United States ready for a Jewish Governor from the Republican Party from a deep blue state?

Only time will tell, on Election Day in November.

I am trying to keep personal feelings aside and actually share facts because I have known Lee Zeldin, his family and his biggest supporters for years. Many of them have been in my home carefully strategizing winning campaigns.

This primary choice was hard. We had three good men I am friends with in a battle. When I went to vote, the poll watcher, GOP staffer and Zeldin supporter asked me, “You’re voting for Lee, right?” I responded, “It’s like picking one of my cats.” I do believe your vote is private in America, even if nothing else is. I don’t take that privilege for granted. Neither should you.

Publicly, I can share this:

Zeldin, upon his swearing into Congress, introduced himself to the major Jewish organization leaders and told them they have a voice for them. He proved it too many times to count. Some highlights:

  • Fighting the original Iran Nuclear Deal
  • Attending the Opening of the Jerusalem Embassy
  • Co-Chair; House Republican Israel Caucus
  • Outspoken against BDS

Not Another Pataki

New York in 2022 is not the New York that elected George Pataki. The biggest win on New York’s primary night will not make the headlines it should. Progressive AOC backed Jumaane Williams came in second, and ahead of “common sense moderate” Tom Suozzi in the Democratic primary for Governor. Kathy Hochul won with over 100,000 votes more than ALL the republican voters combined. As the summer is expected to see more republican voters move to “red” states, the road to victory seems impossible, even with crime, food shortages and war.

This makes Lee’s work tougher. As the progressives join to back Hochul, targets against Jews and Israel seem eminent.

Jews To The Rescue

If any leadership can take claim to helping Zeldin win his primary, it’s the Nassau County GOP team. Chairman Joe Cairo has an award-winning strategy; work with the Jews!

Within the past two years, Bruce Blakeman, Mazi Philip and Ari Brown were elected. To watch an Ethiopian Jew sworn into office at Chabad and then stand in Albany eating Glatt kosher food and hearing an Assemblyman quote Torah at his swearing in is not only winning for Jews, but winning for everyone. More community activists are stepping up to volunteer as committee members and club leaders. Chairman Cairo is embracing them.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Across New York, there are other chairmen that aren’t so welcoming to us. And, they aren’t winning like us. (Nassau resident)

We also have to address the issues tied to grassroots groups who have outspoken members denying the Holocaust and support other countries that harbor Nazi sympathizers.

I would be remiss not to tell the constituents in Michael Lawler’s congressional district to support him. Every single issue our community questions, I contact him immediately and he responds even quicker.

Zeldin’s Winning Strategy

Zeldin’s battle is hard, but not impossible. He can win over voters from the Independent and Democratic parties if he sticks to his Jewish roots. Zeldin needs to stick to family, faith and freedom, something he actually practices and has believed in since his youth.

It’s in our Talmud, Jewish law, and it was what Schindler’s Jews engraved in the ring they gave him as he fled the Nazis: “Whoever saves a single life is considered by scripture to have saved the whole world.’

Lee Zeldin, you can be our modern day David, our Moses and our survivors of the Shoah who built Israel. You have New York in your hands. May you win with Mazel, Bracha and Simcha.

Cindy Grosz is The Jewess Patriot, Talk Radio’s Premiere Jewish Activist syndicated through Real Talk Radio and the Black and White Network. The show streams through iHeart, Spotify and Deezer and out of Israel through Jewish Podcasts. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP and a Jewish advisor for many 2022 candidates. See her on the ZOA website. She can be reached through [email protected]