Sharren Haskel
Sharren Haskel Arutz Sheva

MK Sharren Haskel (New Hope) admitted to Israel National News - Arutz Sheva that she is disappointed by the coalition's failure.

"We had to not-so-great options," she told Israel National News. "We did not want to be in a situation of elections, but there were parties in the coalition which did not manage to keep discipline, and we called elections."

She also admitted that the coalition was about to cross her party's red line.

"We could have continued with the addition of the Joint Arab List, and there were far-out proposals with additional positions," Haskel said. "But [Justice Minister] Gideon Sa'ar (who heads New Hope -ed.) set a clear red line, that we will not rely on the Joint Arab List, and we did not agree to this."

In her opinion, New Hope will come out of the next elections even stronger: "We are starting the race with good energy. All of the polls are saying that we will be in the next Knesset, and in my opinion we will be there with more seats. We are not considering joining with other parties, we will run as a separate party."