Republicans vs Democrats
Republicans vs Democrats ISTOCK

Democrats and Republicans have finally agreed on something: Namely, that the United States is not in good shape, and they blame President Joe Biden.

A new poll found that 85 percent of the country believes that it is headed in the wrong direction, including nearly 80 percent of Democrats.

The feeling of ongoing malaise is present in a large majority of both parties, according to a Wednesday Associated Press/NORC poll, with 92 percent of Republicans and 78 percent of Democrats believing the economy is on life support, compared to just 43 percent of Dems in March.

With midterm elections looming, Biden’s approval rating is also on the outs. Only 40 percent of the public approve of Biden’s performance, with just 27 percent of independent voters giving him a positive report card.

Even many Democrats are increasingly unsatisfied with Biden’s performance in the White House, with 27 percent disapproving of the president and only 72 percent giving him a thumb’s up.

Biden’s low numbers are due to historically high food and energy costs, a four-decade high inflation rate, the war in Ukraine, and the after effects of the pandemic, the New York Post reported.

Biden was also hammered on his policies on guns. Sixty-two percent of Americans disapprove of how he has governed on the issue, with 91 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of independents and 34 percent of Democrats expressing dissatisfaction.