Child abuse, sad boy
Child abuse, sad boy iStock

Police officers called to a home Wednesday night in the southern city of Kiryat Gat discovered a drunk mother and a bruised child.

Neighbors had called the police to report screaming and a suspicion of abuse in the family.

Upon arrival at the apartment, police were met at the door by the mother, who was visibly drunk, and an infant child. Suspecting that there was an additional child in the home, and that it was that child who was being abused, police conducted a search of the apartment and noticed a rolled-up blanket on one of the beds.

Upon examination of the blanket, the officers discovered a beaten child of about eight years old, with bruises on his person. It is suspected that the mother attempted to hide the child from the police officers.

The mother, aged 31, was arrested and taken for questioning on suspicion of abuse, attacking a minor, and harm caused by a responsible adult. The Magistrates Court on Wednesday evening extended her arrest until Sunday.

Meanwhile, police investigators are working with Welfare Ministry officials in order to ensure the children's welfare.