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Yated Ne'eman Flash 90

Following an attack on the Belz hasidic group in the haredi newspaper Yated Ne'eman, a Belz hasid lashed out against the newspaper, giving an interview to a major haredi radio station.

The Yated Ne'eman attack took aim not only at Belz hasidim but at their rebbe, or hasidic leader, and condemned the sect for their agreements regarding the agreements on teaching secular subjects in school.

Rabbi Haim Yampel, a Belz hasid whose children and grandchildren learn in Belz schools, told Kol Hai Radio, "I think that the gross involvement is actually coming from the newspaper, which is trying to decide for the Belzer Rebbe what is good and what is not."

"I think that after such mortification, there is a need for a day of prayer, and maybe even to close the newspaper."

Rabbi Avraham Pinzel, principal of the Chachmat Shlomo school, told Kol Hai, "Our schools usually learn one hour a day of secular studies. Sages of Israel ... have insisted that in boys' schools we do not make any changes."

Regarding the new funding from the Education Ministry, he asked, "Do you think they will not interfere in education? They say explicitly that those students who learn the core curriculum will need to be tested on it by Education Ministry testers. They will dictate the amount and the pace."

"If there is a magician who can arrange 100% funding without anything in return - that's great. I would need to be a fool to refuse such a thing. We both know that the Education Ministry does not distribute free gifts.

"Either the schools which receive a lot of money will lie to and 'trick' the Education Ministry, or they will really teach what it demands. From our perspective both of these things are disasters. If there are rabbis who instruct their communities to do this - that is their right. Who am I to argue? But no one can tell me not to issue a warning."