Bennett and Biden
Bennett and Biden Avi Ohayon

According to a Channel 13 News report, at the request of the US administration and as a good-will gesture ahead of the Biden visit scheduled for July 13, the tightening of conditions for foreigners entering Judea and Samaria will be postponed for a period of two months - during which it will be re-examined.

An official announcement on the matter will be sent for the approval of the High Court in the near future.

The decision was made after talks between Minister of Defense Gantz and U.S. officials who voiced strong criticism regarding some of parts of the procedure.

The report continues that over the past few weeks, the Biden administration has "voiced sharp displeasure with the move - in part because it applies to U.S. citizens as well as academics wishing to visit." Israel, for its part, did not guarantee it would cancel the move, but rejected it for the time being in an effort to avoid embarrassing the Americans ahead of Biden's visit.

A White House statement said Biden would visit the Middle East "to strengthen the United States' commitment to Israel's security and prosperity."

The President will also visit PA-controlled territory in order to, "consult with the Palestinian Authority and reiterate his strong support for a two-state solution, with equal means of security, freedom and opportunities for the Palestinian people."