Applebaum, his grandparents, and the new parents withtheir baby
Applebaum, his grandparents, and the new parents withtheir baby American Friends of Magen David Adom

Holocaust survivors Shimon Lifshitz and Susanna Augusta Lifshitz made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from Belgium eight months ago and decided to donate an ambulance to Magen David Adom (MDA). Their grandson, Avraham Applebaum, a senior EMT volunteer for MDA, now drives this ambulance.

“My grandparents deliberated for a long time about the best cause to donate to,” explained Applebaum.

“Grandpa called me, showed me his yellow star, and told me how the Nazis tried to murder us in the Holocaust. So his response will be to help save Jewish lives in the Land of Israel by donating an ambulance to MDA.”

During a routine shift, Applebaum and his partner, Yael Malka, received a call about a woman in labor about to give birth. Unable to make it to the hospital on time, they delivered the baby in the ambulance.

The excited parents, Avraham and Meital Miara, were told the special story of the Holocaust survivors who donated the ambulance their baby girl was born in. As a tribute to the survivors, the couple chose to call their seventh daughter Neta, which means seedling or plant in Hebrew.

“We named the baby Neta to remember the roots that were deeply planted in the State of Israel and as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for [the survivors who donated the ambulance],” said the baby’s father, Avraham Miara.

“After the thrilling birth in the ambulance, I told my grandfather the story,” recalled Applebaum. “He got emotional and told me, ‘It’s for moments like this that we donated the ambulance.’”

“It was a special moment between us.”