New York State
New York StatePhoto: Nati Shohat / Flash90

A suspect has been arrested for vandalizing the inside of a Monsey, New York synagogue with swastikas and antisemitic phrases.

According to the Daily Voice, Rolando DeJesus Gomez-Velazquez, age 32, of Hillcrest, New York, was charged for allegedly committing the vandalism on June 17.

Besides the graffiti, the suspect also allegedly damaged items in the synagogue, local police said.

Congregants of the Orthodox synagogue discovered the swastikas and other vandalism on June 17 and contacted the police.

The Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council’s Yossi Gestetner praised the work of local law enforcement.

"Law enforcement did an amazing job to get onto it. Officials spoke out about it. People in media have continued to shine a light on it, which impacts how government responds. I feel very confident with how this developed," he told Bronx News12.

Gomez-Velazquez was charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime with damages in excess of $250 and aggravated harassment.