Anti-Israel 'Nakba Day' event in Berlin
Anti-Israel 'Nakba Day' event in Berlin Reuters

A German antisemitism watchdog documented over 2,700 antisemitic incidents in the country in 2021, with an average of over seven anti-Jewish acts occurring every day.

The cases included 63 attacks and six incidents of extreme violence, the Associated Press reported.

The Berlin-based Department for Research and Information on Anti-Semitism (RIAS) found that cases skyrocketed from 1,957 in 2020 to 2,738 last year. The 63 attacks, including more than one per week.

The RAIS report said that anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and antisemitism related to Israel were the main causes of documented antisemitism.

The incidents logged included criminal and non-criminal behaviour, according to the report.

Felix Klein, the German government’s commissioner charged with combating antisemitism, said that the number of incidents was shocking, but added that “at the same time, each of the reported incidents is also a step toward reducing the dark figures.”

The cases of extreme violence included a shooting at a Jewish community centre in Berlin and an assault against a Jewish person at a pro-Israel event in Hamburg.