Hisham Al-Sayed in Hamas video
Hisham Al-Sayed in Hamas videono credit

Israel recently suggested a prisoner exchange deal to Hamas which was rejected by the terrorist organization, Channel 12 News reported Tuesday evening.

According to the report, the proposal would have seen Israel free several hundred prisoners, but not any prisoner with Israeli blood on their hands. Hamas refused and demanded even more prisoners be released.

Israeli officials believe the publication of a video today showing Israeli citizen Hisham al-Sayed in a hospital bed was intended to pressure Israel into reaching an agreement more favorable to Hamas.

At the same time, Hamas sources told the al-Miyadin network tonight that it was ready for an immediate deal in which Hisham al-Sayed would be released in exchange for sick terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

The video was the first sign of life from al-Sayed since he wandered into Gaza and was captured by Hamas seven years ago.

Al-Sayed's father said after seeing the video: "This is the first time I have seen him in seven years. They have not spoken to me yet, this is the first time I have seen it. He looks fine, healthy to me."

He appealed to Hamas in Arabic and demanded the release of his son, who was connected to oxygen in the video. "Release him immediately, he is a patient who needs medical treatment all the time. He would receive medication and we hope he is being given it. We conveyed those messages then and I hope he is receiving this medication."