Female IDF soldier
Female IDF soldierIDF spokesperson

More than 1,000 female soldiers have filed a complaint against the IDF demanding that the IDF provide a different style of trousers, claiming that the current trousers provided for female soldiers cause inflammation and are not flattering.

According to a report by Yisrael Hayom, the female soldiers claim that the women's uniforms cause urinary tract infections and uncomfortable pressure on the groin.

"We were issued women's uniforms, which are different from th those issued to male soldiers and combat units," read the complaint. "Attempts to improve the uniform have been unsuccessful in all but a few areas, and there in no significant manner."

The IDF Spokesperson's Office responded: "As part of our desire to improve the quality and service experience of IDF soldiers, and in light of the dissatisfaction that arose among many servicewomen, it was decided to change the model of women's trousers to a high cut to meet the need. The new uniforms have been issued since September 2021."

"At the same time, extensive staff work is being carried out, which includes examining types of fabrics and cuts, in collaboration with leading professionals in the field of clothing design and a broad focus group of women from various IDF units. A plan to distribute the new uniforms in the IDF will be formulated accordingly."