The car destroyed with an earthmover
The car destroyed with an earthmoverIsrael Police

Police were called to a Beit Shemesh construction site following reports of a large-scale violent altercation that had broken out between the workers and several other individuals. Initial reports indicate that the second group consisted of members of Israel's Bedouin community, with the cause of the brawl being control over the construction site itself.

The parties involved attacked one another both barehanded and with improvised weapons from around the work site, including stones and pieces of rebar. Footage of the incident shows one worker appearing to draw a firearm, and an earthmover being used to destroy a nearby car. Several other vehicles were heavily damaged during the altercation

Police who arrived at the scene were likewise attacked with stones, and fired into the air to disperse the crowd. At least four suspects were arrested. United Hatzalah reports treating multiple individuals at the scene, as well as sending some of those involved for hospital care.