US Army soldiers
US Army soldiersYossi Zeliger/Flash 90

Agudath Israel has expressed its concern to the relevant bodies in the US administration following the introduction of a bill for a 'National Defense Authorization' towards 2023.

This is a bill that is supposed to oblige all citizens of the United States, including women, to register in a governmental voluntary service database. The database will be used in the event that mandatory military service is restored and the need arises for the United States to mobilize its army for a military confrontation or a national emergency.

Over the years, many issues have been raised regarding manpower, management and logistics in the military, in case women are required to serve in the military as part of their service to the United States of America.

Agudath Israel notes that although military service is not yet mandatory, "the concerns the bill raises are real and serious. In this announcement, we would like to emphasize that the very requirement to register with the army will harm the religious freedom of women who oppose such military service for religious reasons."

Addressing government officials, Agudath Israel in America notes that "it is clear that a general requirement for women to enlist in the army in order to serve in some unknown military position in the future, even if it is voluntary registration, will provoke strong opposition from many religious women, and a sizeable percentage of religious women will not be registered. "

"Agudath Israel in America wishes, with all due respect, to ask the government to carefully consider this issue and its consequences. A great deal is at stake here, and there is a fear of losing basic freedoms. This fear should bother anyone who cherishes and values ​​religious freedom."