Antigen testing
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The Knesset Health Committee today (Monday) approved regulations recognizing self-administered antigen and PCR tests performed from the comfort of one's home or special COVID-19 testing centers.

Antigen testing will be performed with the help of remote sample monitoring using a dedicated online platform.

Coronavirus Czar Professor Salman Zarka, said it will be possible to implement the move within a few days using video calls that lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Residents wishing to perform PCR tests will be charged accordingly. These inspections will be performed by medical institutions meeting Ministry of Health prerequisites and will

Zarka said he believes the price of the examination will be between NIS 30-40, with the legal advisor of the committee emphasizing that payment amounts have yet to be decided upon.

"The new arrangement will ensure that infected individuals don't go out into the public and get others sick. It will also provide a solution for at-risk individuals who are afraid to go to venture out to testing complexes, as well as diagnosed patients required to perform antigen testing for their children," he added.

Last Wednesday, Zarka admitted that Israel is now in the midst of its sixth coronavirus wave.

The new wave is sending the number of new cases skyrocketing, and significantly increasing the total of seriously ill and hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

In a Health Ministry briefing, Zarka said that the new wave comes as a result of the new BA5 variant of Omicron, and that genetic sequencing shows the variant to be responsible for over 50% of reported cases.