Jerusalem apartment
Jerusalem apartment צילום: shutterstock

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Bukshin* has had many difficult moments as a father of 9. One recent event, however, stands out as his most painful. The irony is that it should have been his happiest.

When Yitzchok Bukshin told his parents that he was getting engaged, they struggled to muster smiles. The truth is that Yitzchok’s mother is ill. Since she got sick, the family’s financial situation has gotten worse and worse. They have nothing to give their son & his kallah.

At the engagement party, they did their best to be in good spirits, despite wearing old and torn clothing. There was no elaborate spread of food, only a few small cakes from the grocery store. There was no liquor, a luxury far beyond their budget. The kallah wore a simple ring, with no diamond. Yitzchok’s mother was not in attendance. She was too ill. Needless to say, it was a very unusual engagement.

Now, the wedding may be canceled. The Bukshins can’t even afford invitations, let alone a hall and food for guests. It has been Rabbi Bukshin’s most painful failure, to not be able to see his children off to the next phase of their life with dignity.

A hachnasat kallah fund has been started so that readers can help the Bukshins to make a simple simcha. Any and all help is desperately needed.

*Details changed to protect the family’s privacy.