Bennett and Shaked
Bennett and Shaked Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Yesh Atid chairman seeks to finalize the dissolution of the Knesset by Tuesday at the latest so that he can become Prime Minister as soon as possible.

Israel Today reported that the transition from Bennett to Lapid has already begun. Lapid is not expected to make any changes to the positions of head of the National Security Council and the military secretary, and the professional bodies are already preparing him for US President Joe Biden's visit next month.

Lapid has sought to make changes to the distribution of ministries upon taking office as stipulated in the coalition agreement, but there appears to be little appetite for an exchange of roles as the government enters a transition stage ahead of new elections.

While Bennett has not announced whether he intends to run in the next elections, sources close to him believe that he will take a break from politics. His associates also say that while Bennett does not want to sit in a government led by Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu, he will not rule out sitting in such a government.

Bennett will meet today for the second time in recent days with Minister Ayelet Shaked, after reports of significant tension between the two longtime allies.

Sources close to Shaked say that she would prefer that Bennett not retire from politics, but she is prepared to lead the Yamina party if he does,