Interview with PM Bennett
Interview with PM Bennett Channel 13 News

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has not ruled out sitting with MKs Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud), Bezalel Smotrich (Religious Zionism), and Itamar Ben Gvir (Otzma Yehudit), but opposes the formation for a totally right-wing government.

In an interview with Channel 13 News, Bennett said, "A totally right-wing government, in the current sense, is, in my eyes, a disaster, because it does not have any balances." He added, "Netanyahu, Bezalel, and Ben a different constellation, can be fine, but a government trapped in the hands of the extreme is horrible and awful, even if it is the other side."

"I am not ruling out anyone, and no one is ruled out, but we need a central government structure and then we can bring from Ben Gvir to [United Arab List chairman MK] Mansour Abbas."

Bennett added, "Mansour Abbas, from my perspective, was categorized as a supporter of terrorists, but he is exactly the opposite. Someone like Mansour needs to be in the coalition, but it would be best not to rely on him."

Regarding the reports on the construction around his home in Ra'anana, Bennett said, "I did not know. If it would have even occurred to me that they would build a fortress around my home, I would have taken a sleeping bag and moved to Balfour."