MK Attorney Simcha Rotman
MK Attorney Simcha RotmanArutz Sheva

Mk Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionism) has put forward a new bill selling to ease the financial complications faced by Israelis with United States citizenship.

"You have to pay double Israeli social security on income earned in the U.S. and you can't work as an independent worker in Israel, or you will pay a large percentage of your income to American social security. Even worse, those payments are not deductible, so you will pay income tax on the money you paid to social security," MK Rothman wrote on Facebook.

Rothman explains that he sees this as a transition point from the current Knesset to the next: "This Sunday, in a last effort to get something good from the 24th Knesset, my bill to eliminate those double payments will be in the Cabinet Committee for Legislation. I got MKs from both sides of the aisle to co-sign this bill with me, and I will do my best so it will be "a foot in the door" to build upon for the 25th Knesset."

The bill, he claims, has the backing of Israel's own Social Security department: "I worked to get the cooperation and support from Bituach Leumi management, and I hope we will be able to make this important and just bill go forward."

Mk Rothman says he goes this bill will have significant implications for Israel's future: "For many Americans, this can be the tipping point for making the decision on making Aliya. For many new Olim this can bring the opportunity to start a new business. I look forward to updating you as the bill moves through the legislative process in the Knesset next week!"