Man in prison
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The ISA has extended an order withholding the right to legal counsel from an Israeli man charged with the fatal stabbing of a Palestinian man near the Samaria city of Ariel.

According to initial reports on the incident, the suspect was acting as a chaperone for a youth hike which came under attack by a large crowd of residence of the PA city of Iscacah. A violent confrontation developed, during which one PA man suffered a stab wound of which he later died.

A statement released by the terrorist organization Hamas claim that the deceased had been affiliated with them and branded him a martyr.

The suspect in the stabbing is a resident of the Samaria village of Nofei Nechemia in his forties, married with several children. Other residents of the town report that they or their neighbors were summoned for questioning late at night by the ISA in relation to the incident.

Earlier this week, police announced that they had arrested na suspect in relation to the stabbing, as well as the knife suspected to have been used. A court order extended his detention. No Palestinians have been arrested in connectwith the incident.

The ISA has now ordered him to be forbidden council for the second time, sparking a wave of online outrage against the incident. A protest march is planned for Saturday night outside the Ariel police station.

MK Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionism) commented on the incident, stating "God willing, I will attend this march. The ISA is under Naftali Bennett's direct control, the body responsible for complaints of those under investigation is under Gideon Sa'ar, and yet they are more concerned with political spins than protecting Jews!"