Giulio Meotti
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A few weeks ago, before the Champions League final at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, football champion Thierry Henry shocked the public by saying that "Saint-Denis is not Paris", before adding: "Believe me, not you would like to be in Saint-Denis, it's not the same as Paris. . . ".

Yet, there was a time when half the population of Seine-Saint-Denis was Breton. It was a great immigration, coming from the peninsula which has its center in Rennes, a region of oak forests and stone huts topped by long chimneys. This is the France that is disappearing.

Today the Bretons represent only 11 percent of the population of Saint-Denis and are "in danger of extinction" for demographic reasons, while Saint-Denis has been changed by another immigration: extra-European.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon with his left-wing coalition has dominated the French legislature, putting Emmanuel Macron's next presidency in doubt. And, as the Marianne magazine tells us, it is Seine-Saint-Denis that has mobilized for the left. The French media headline: "In Seine-Saint-Denis, Mélenchon flies in the lead". Le Figaro: “The left is full in Seine-Saint-Denis”. It goes without saying that the right has literally "disappeared" in the region.

La Seine-Saint-Denis is the "laboratory of the France of tomorrow". This is why it is important to understand what happens. Because it affects us, as a county in the country that has already "visited" the future of Europe, if things do not change.

Mélenchon is a shrewd politician and knows, as Jerome Fourquet said, that "with 27 communist sections against 82 mosques, the Communist Party in Saint-Denis is now clearly overtaken by Islam". A new alliance and political project was needed. In the name of demography, immigration, ius soli, victimhood and "diversity". A former leader of Mélenchon's party:confides in Le Figaro that "he has turned to the Islamists to secure a wider electoral base."

Mélenchon said it: "50 percent of the French population will be mestizo by 2050". Already in 2012 Francois Hollande won the presidential elections following the line indicated by the Terra Nova think tank (nomen omen), which advised the Socialist Party to focus on the vote of immigrants.

Insee - the national statistics office - has just informed the public on how Seine-Saint-Denis will be, saying tha: at this rate, in 2050, the population of Paris will be a minority compared to that of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Even the German newspapers have noticed: "The new star of the suburbs is called Mélenchon, who wins with his new concept of 'creolization'. In La Courneuve, 64 percent voted for Mélenchon, he is the only one on the side of immigrants - the Maghrebi, the Africans, the Muslims of La Courneuve ". An exchange vote. In Montfermeil, where Mélenchon and his elect took 60 percent, a new mosque was inaugurated in the past few hours in the presence of the mayor and the prefect.

Le Point tells us that "in Seine-Saint-Denis, the children of immigrants of non-European origin represent 54 per cent of young people between 0-18 years (up to 75 per cent in La Courneuve." The magazine Front Populaire explains that in the Seine-Saint-Denis half of the births come from foreigners, who now make up 30 per cent of the total population. Philippe Galli, former prefect of the department, estimated the number of Muslims at 45 per cent of the total population.

Kevin Bossuet in the monthly Causeur reveals that "in the Seine-Saint-Denis Islam has become the main religion and Jews are less and less present." Demographers such as Michèle Tribalat have revealed that minors of the Maghreb represent 39.2 percent of all young people in Seine-Saint-Denis. And historian Georges Bensoussan reveals: “80 percent of Jews have left this department in ten years.” It goes without saying that the churches of Seine-Saint-Denis are often vandalized and Macron, last January, had to s grant 4 million to increase security around Christian places of worship.

The Opinion has just published a shocking investigation. “Islamic clothing is proliferating in French an epidemic ”. Saudi abaya for women, kamis to Afghani for men. “Halal in the canteens, burkinis and now abayas and kamis at school: Every time the state retreats from Islamist demands, others are advanced,” said Marine Le Pen. “Tomorrow it will be the veil for girls”.

And as Eric Zemmour explains in La France n’a pas dit son dernier mot, “Saint-Denis is the laboratory of the Great Replacement. This department is the historic heart of France, with the basilica of Saint-Denis where our kings rest. Today in this department, two thirds of births come from at least one parent born abroad and more than 60 per cent of young people under 18 are of foreign origin. In the list of the first ten names given to children, they are all Muslim (Mohamed is first place) ”.

Demography is a powerful, visceral, ungovernable force, but we pretend not to feel it (already in 2011, 30 per cent of the French population under 60 were immigrants). In October there was a pre-presidential debate between Zemmour and Mélenchon: the former was defeated in the parliamentarian elections (the day before he had proposed to ban the Arab djelaba), Mélenchon almost won them.

Demography is destiny.