Official media in Turkey on Thursday indicated that they have thwarted the abduction of a former Israeli ambassador and his wife, as well as several Israeli tourists, by an Iranian terror cell.

The Mossad has reportedly evacuated the Israelis back to Israel.

Turkish media also reported that authorities arrested 10 members of an Iranian intelligence cell who were planning the kidnapping and assassination.

The Iranians, members of the Iranian intelligence and the Revolutionary Guards, were disguised as students, businessmen, and tourists. They were arrested at a hotel in the city, as well as three rented apartments.

Israelis have been warned repeatedly of the threat to their lives and safety if they remain in Istanbul, and have been urged to cancel all planned trips to Turkey for the time being.

Last week, Israel's National Security Council published a list of recommendations for Israelis who insist on remaining in Istanbul despite the warnings.

Also last week, security forces thwarted a terror attack.