Sapir Nahum
Sapir Nahum Israel Police

Illa Halayla, the brother of Wahl Halayla, the former partner of Sapir Nahum who was found murdered last week in the north of the country, has been released to house arrest, following developments in the investigation into Nahum's death.

On Tuesday, Wahl Halayla's remand was extended until next Sunday, with police stating that the evidence against him "cries out to the Heavens." Halayla is suspected of kidnapping and then murdering Sapir, and protests he "has done nothing."

Justice Shoshana Faisand Cohen has stated that the level of suspicion against Halayla are of a high order and further, that several of the suspect's own accounts of events have served to heighten suspicion against him.

Nahum was just 24 at the time of her death, the mother of two children. She had been reported missing and her body was found in a well, after 11 days of searching.

Halayla, who is 34 and the father of her children, is a convicted criminal who has served 12 years in prison for drug-related offenses and for violent crime including a bank robbery. His brother Illa has also served time behind bars.