Palestinian Arab children play with toy guns
Palestinian Arab children play with toy gunsFlash90

Four teachers from ORT Hilmi Shefa High School in Acre have been summoned for questioning with regard to posts they uploaded onto social media which contain incitement against Israel.

An investigative report authored by Yifat Erlich of Israel Hayom was apparently the catalyst for this development; the report will be published in full in this week's "Israel Hashavua" on Friday.

The four teachers - Eyadel Raayan, Adam Kashasha, Ghinan Muslamani, and Kholod Faudi - wrote posts encouraging violent confrontation on Facebook during Operation Guardian of the Walls. As educators, they were expected to attempt to calm the waters, especially in a "mixed city" like Acre which saw Arab riots during that period which led to loss of Jewish life.

Raayan, who teaches Citizenship, wrote: "I wish of you, IDF soldiers and police, that your hands be paralyzed, O Allah. May Allah preserve the al-Aqsa Mosque ... protect the Muslim youth, and give us victory over those who have wronged us."

He also shared a post showing a video of rock-throwing, rioting, and arrests on the Temple Mount, with the caption: "The detainees defend the nation's honor in the face of large-scale invasion of al-Aqsa."

The next day he went on to write: "O Allah, grant victory to the people of Muhammad, Allah grant victory to Muslims over their enemies."

Muslamani, who works as a sports teacher at ORT Hilmi, shared a post during Operation Guardian of the Walls in support of "the strike of solidarity with the residents of the Gaza Strip and against the massacres in Gaza." Since then, she has written several more posts expressing support for jailed terrorists.

Faudi, a high school English teacher, published three posts during May 2021 with the words: "Whoever seeks to harm the Muslims - his punishment is slaughter."

Following the intervention of Israel Hayom, the Mayor of Acre, Shimon Lankri, ordered the director of the ORT network to immediately reconsider the continued employment of the teachers concerned.

"The things I have seen are outrageous," he said. "It is inconceivable that educators who receive their salaries from the State of Israel and are supposed to educate the city's children toward good citizenship and coexistence should be spreading hatred and incitement. I expect our police and security forces to deal with these rotten apples."